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Principal Software Engineer  //  Technical Artist  //  Designer



  • Creating & running high-functioning teams
  • Matching work to people to ensure engagement and growth
  • Pulling together disparate skillsets into productive cross-functional teams


  • Bridging the gap between artistic goal and technical possibility
  • Customer focused UI/UX design and implementation
  • Capable in Figma, Sketch, Miro, Adobe XD, Pixelmator


  • React / Preact
  • React Native
  • SwiftUI
  • UIKit


  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Objective C



  • Air NZ Future Cabin Experience
  • Air NZ Inflight Entertainment
  • Air NZ Inflight WIFI
  • Air NZ Crew Mobile app
  • Air NZ Customer Travel app
  • Air NZ Staff Travel app
  • My Vodafone app v5
  • My Vodafone app v4
  • QBE Insurance B2B API
  • QBE Insurance Brokerage Web App

Key Contributor

  • Air NZ Grab a Seat app
  • Air NZ OneSmart app
  • VodafoneTV apps
  • Vodafone Smartphone Diagnostics app


Conference Website

  • For NZ Game Developers Association from 2012-2019
  • Session schedule and speakers list with search and filters
  • Used Google Docs as data store to support multiple simultaneous editors.

Educational Content

  • Created introductionary coding course for year 3 and 4 kids.
  • Taught the course at local school.


  • IBM Principal Certified Professional

  • Cisco Certified Network Engineer

  • Diploma in Business Computing / Auckland University of Technology


Principal Engineer & Designer, In-Flight, Air New Zealand

October 2019 - Present
  • Tech Lead and UI/UX Designer on FACE (Future Aircraft Cabin Experience), IFE (In-Flight Entertainment), and In-Flight WIFI.
  • Created cross-platform IFE app solution, delivering resolution independent apps across multiple platforms. Responsible for creating and proving concept to leadership, then building out the team to deliver it.
  • Worked alongside industrial design team to ensure seamless customer experiences across digital and physical systems.
  • Worked as and with UI/UX designers to adapt existing and create new interaction designs for the capabilities of the IFE hardware.
  • Responsible for architecting new content creation pipelines to deliver daily content to multiple aircraft platforms.

Principal Engineer, Mobile, Air New Zealand

July 2017 - October 2020
  • Co-created new mobile app for Cabin and Tech Crew to consolidate and streamline their workflows. Brought Agile methodology and rapid deployment to the operations space, getting leadership to think in products not projects.
  • Shepherded and developed React Native initiative in conjunction with multiple teams at Air NZ. In charge of mobile implementation of our in-house Design System.
  • Established unifying app architecture and patterns for iOS, Android, and React Native. Supported with code standards and best practices.
  • Provided technical consultancy and guidance to all mobile app projects, working across multiple technology stacks (React Native, SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, UIKit).
  • Tech Lead on key mobile projects including Customer Travel App, reviewing and commiting code, recruiting and mentoring developers.

Principal Engineer, Mobile, Vodafone NZ

September 2015 - July 2017
  • Tech Lead responsible for My Vodafone mobile apps, used by 800,000 customers per month.
  • Provided technical consultancy and guidance to all mobile app projects at Vodafone.
  • Standardised and aligned app approaches and patterns, setting code standards and best practices.
  • Shepherded alignment of UI design and branding across Android and iOS apps.
  • Responsible for bringing CI/CD pipelines to mobile app builds.
  • Co-created React Native proof of concept, responsible for buy in from leadership and rewrite of My Vodafone V5 in React Native.

Dad Year

September 2014 - September 2015
  • Spent a year looking after my kids, running them to and from school and their extra-curricular activities, and running our home whilst my wife went back to work. I highly recommend a role reversal year for couples.

Solution Architect, Web Apps & APIs, QBE Insurance NZ

January 2009 - September 2014
  • Created and ran team for all external facing APIs and Apps.
  • Built B2B API and integrated it with 3 business partners. Processes approximately $2 million of transactions per year.
  • Created first commercial insurance system in NZ to quote and bind policies online, including customised legal documentation.
  • Introduced CI/CD, automated deployments and rollbacks.
  • Adapted company branding to create design language for our web applications, which was adopted by QBE global marketing team.

Team Lead, Software Development, QBE Insurance NZ

October 2006 - December 2009
  • Technology and development lead on successful 18 month replatform of core insurance system from bespoke mainframe to Windows.
  • Re-architected data warehouse, reducing nightly processing from 66 CPU hours to 3.5 hours.
  • Migrated and mentored 9 person team from VB6 with SQL 2000 up to C# with SQL 2008, Reporting Services, source control, and scripted deployments.

A lost decade of retrospectively-amusing career mistakes

July 1996 - October 2006
  • Became an IBM Principal Certified Professional in Domino Administration and Development, just as it became unwanted and unloved by both IBM and the world.
  • Became Cisco certified just in time to realise that network design was going to be a commodity product.
  • Became Novel Netware certified and Microsoft Server certified just in time to realise servers in the future would be commodity cloud products.
  • Ran second and third level support teams for Auckland University of Technology central city campus to deafening indifference.
  • Worked for PWC doing network and server support whilst questioning my life choices.

Coder, Games, Acid Software

January 1993 - July 1996
  • Co-project lead converting a popular Amiga game to the PC. Primarily responsible for converting 68000 assembly language game engine code into 386 protected mode assembly equivalents.

  • Created a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for the PC, writing drivers in assembly language for VGA graphics card, serial ports, keyboard, joysticks by reading and coding to chipset documentation.

  • Contributed to the port of the game to the Sega Megadrive / Genesis.