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Principal Software Engineer  //  Technical Artist  //  Designer


After 20 years in the software industry as a coder, designer, systems architect, team leader, and now principal engineer, it’s safe to say Dan has picked up a thing or two.

A relentless problem solver, Dan finds the patterns in chaos and pulls from a wide range of disciplines to synthesise innovative solutions. Dan is passionate about creating simple, robust and maintainable code that will long survive his involvement.

Already an adept mentor to individuals and teams, Dan has also shown he’s equally comfortable speaking in front of crowds.

Known for being an innovator and influencer at every company he works at, employers eventually come to love Dan’s no-nonsense way of walking the planet.

Dan is currently working on the next generation of in-flight experiences for Air New Zealand.

Résumé here, more details on LinkedIn.


Dan likes writing code, graphic design, typography, simplicity, whimsy, movie scores, EDM, deconstructed street fashion, secret brands, game engine mechanics, cinematography, lens flares, and the original Star Wars trilogy.

Dan loves user interface design and user experience design. He’s currently fascinated with the overlaps of theme park attraction design and game level design, and the experiences and emotions they both create.

Dan is obsessed with Fictional User Interface (FUI) design and the ever evolving realtime graphics in the demoscene.


Dan’s married to Arifah, and together they’re raising two endlessly fascinating kids and an ex-guide dog.

His family are remarkably tolerant about his life long obsession with Imagineering and Disney theme parks.