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Week 5
Helden by Apocalyptica, Till Lindermann
iCloud Photos Sync An open project that provides an easy way to backup your full iCloud Photos Library to your local filesystem. The missing puzzle piece to complete my backup processes.
“Do not optimise for efficiency, optimise for passion” ― the most effective approach to managing an ADHD mind.
Week 4
You'll miss me when I'm not around by Grimes
The Art and Soul of Dune book is a love letter to the movie, it's source material, and the production team. Unlike other movie art books that merely go through the motions, executive producer and author Tanya Lapointe ensures this book gets access to the entire production and it's people. The result is indepth, fascinating, and a joy to read.
“It's driven Apple from the beginning. This compulsion to take incredibly powerful technology and make it accessible, relevant, and ultimately personal.” ― Jony Ive / Apple
Week 3
Bullit - Bonus Track by Elephanz
Mac Mini with M2 Pro - crazy powerful, completely silent, multiple monitor support, Bluetooth 5.3. Instantly makes the Mac Studio look antiquated and feel unnecessary.
“Most deadly errors arise from obsolete assumptions” ― Bene Gesserit adage / Children of Dune book
Week 2
Liberation by Harold van Lennep
luna display A tiny USB-C gizmo that lets you use an iPad as a second display on a Mac. Faster than Apples' own Sidecar product, and you can use the iPad touchscreen for input which SideCar inexplicably doesn't support. It also doesn't require you to sign in and use AppleID, which makes it great for corporate environments.
“There is a time for any fledgling artist where one's taste exceeds one's abilities. The only way to get through this period is to make things anyway.” ― Dov / Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow book.
Week 1
Diamonds + And Pearls by DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, peace.
IMAX 3D laser projection I rewatched Avatar: The Way of Water with my kids in IMAX and the difference is astounding. The amount of additional detail is captivatingly immersive and the 3D is the sharpest I've ever seen. Elevates an already stunning ride to astonishing.
“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” ― André Gide