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I love looking through art and graphic design shops and browsing around for new & interesting things.

I think of it as art supply treasure hunting.

But I also know that it’s really a search for the catalyst of inspiration. I know I don’t need any new tools or supplies to do some design work. But a little expedition like this is fun and it reminds me of the enormous range of possibilites for expression that exist.

The stuff I pick up is often something I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, or something a little different that causes me to change up my approach. For instance, todays expedition turned up the following:

  • A retro looking set of colored pencils made of unpainted wood in a manilla cardboard tube.
  • A notebook with a lay flat binding and a rubberised cover that is addictively tactile.
  • A set of woodless pencils, they’re 100% graphite and have a satisfyingly heavy mass to them.

Combined with a pad of thick A3 sized paper and a table next to a sunny window, I spent a couple of hours sketching some new design ideas that have been flickering around in my head for the last few weeks.

I didn’t need anything to start sketching, but the few dollars I spent created a sense of anticipation to try these new things out.

Which led to the most important part of all.


Where was this written
Auckland, New Zealand.
Art store inspiration hunting.
When was this written
January 2014